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Engagement on a yacht

An engagement is a wonderful holiday that is worth celebrating on a boat. The most important moment is the exchange of rings will take place on a boat with your loved ones, there are incredible views around you, you are in a luxurious luxury yacht, extraordinary catering — all this will greatly add atmosphere to your holiday.
On the boat it is customary to celebrate not only an engagement, but also such events as: bachelorette party, birthday party, anniversary, graduation, labor Day and others. We provide you with a huge selection of boats for your party and holiday. Boats of absolutely different sizes, models, with a flybridge and not. You choose exactly the one that attracts you and the owner will become your assistant for that day.

Preparing for an engagement on a boat

Booking a boat for an engagement, you need to think about the additional costs and how everything will go. We want to help you, so we will sign the organization step by step.

1. Catering. Perhaps the most important thing on the boat on the day of the engagement is catering. You can ask for help from the owner of the boat, who will tell the catering company. It must be a proven company that will not let you down. If the catering is an hour late, and the charter is booked with you for 2 p.m., then your charter time will already go. You lose an hour waiting. Also, think about the kitchen. You can invite catering to the yacht itself, having previously agreed with the owner. Or as an artel, buy all the necessary food and alcohol yourself. 

2. Decorator. You need to invite a decorator to the engagement party, who will create an atmosphere of love and celebration around you. You can discuss with him all the elements and details on color, decorations and more. inform the owner of the yacht about the decorator in advance. If your engagement is scheduled for a day off, then you may not have time to decorate everything. Ask the owner to give you half an hour.

3. Entertainment on the boat. Think about what you will do on the boat after exchanging rings. These can be games where guests will guess the facts about the bride and groom. It can be some fun games. To do this, you need to buy attributes in advance.

Why an engagement yacht?

Getting engaged on a yacht in Miami is the best solution! Organizing your engagement celebration on a luxury yacht is the best place to share your excitement with your extended family and friends, as it creates excellent conditions for them to meet and establish good relations with each other.
We will take care of your cruise from the very beginning, we will help you to organize everything in the best possible way. This trip will be remembered by you for the rest of your life.

On the boat you can observe the most beautiful views. Imagine an engagement on a yacht: unusual views, close by, your favorite food is cooked on board, the yacht is decorated to suit your style. You can book a charter at night and send it there in the evening. Not every owner provides a yacht at night, but there are such, so check this point.

How many guests can you invite to the yacht?

The first question that worries is how many guests can be invited to the boat for an engagement? It depends on the size of the yacht and the laws of the states. In Florida, there is a law that no more than 13 people can be on a luxury yacht, given that it is at least 55 ft. Especially for you, there is a column on the catalog where the owners indicate how many people can be invited to their yacht, so when choosing a boat for an engagement, pay attention to it.
There are huge boats that can accommodate more than 30 people, there are small ones with a capacity of 8 people. This is a very important point when planning your party, pay attention to it.
We want your holiday to be held at the highest level.

Where can I go on a yacht on my engagement?

Each owner provides his own route along which you can go on a trip on your engagement. This can be a route around the islands or sightseeing, and many people also book a place in a restaurant, where you are going. But there is always time for a stop on the route, where we can swim, swim, ride a jet ski and join other yachts, this is a must.
You can discuss your route with the owner and go to the place where you would like, if possible. Trust the owner and follow his route. The owners always think carefully about every hour of the charter, discusses all the points with you.