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Father's Day on a yacht

Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. In 2022, this one falls on June 19. On Father’s Day, children express all their love and respect for Dad. Everyone strives to give Dad something special and thank him for everything. This is considered a family holiday, where the whole family gathers and arranges a home evening. Arrange a gift for your father in the form of a yacht rental. These are incredible emotions for the whole family, and especially for him.
Also on the yacht celebrate such holidays as: bachelorette party, birthday party, anniversary, graduation party, Labor Day, mother’s Day, baby shower and other parties on the boat.

What to do on a yacht on Father's Day?

Father’s Day is truly a wonderful day spent with family. Take a trip on any yacht of your choice and get incredible emotions. The yacht rental price may already include water toys, such as: a water mattress, jet ski, paddle board and others. when booking, check this point with the owner. With the help of water toys, you can get a cheerful holiday atmosphere. Thanks to the water mattress and jet ski, you can get great family photos.
Each owner provides his own route, which includes a stop for 2 hours. During these 2 hours you can swim, dive from a boat, join another yacht and arrange various contests and games.
Before booking, you need to think about drinks and food. You can order catering on the yacht, where the chefs will cook your dad’s favorite dishes right on the yacht.

Father’s Day can be held in a themed style. Theme parties are always very memorable and bring positive emotions. Think of a topic that will be interesting to you. Prepare the decoration, dishes, glasses in this style. From the scenery, you can use signs, tablecloths, balloons and more. And to help and implement the plan, you can hire a decorator.
When booking a charter, warn the owner that you will have a decorator. If the charter goes one after the other, there may simply not be time to decorate the yacht.

Gifts for Father's Day

Dad is an important person in the life of each of us, he mentors, helps, participates in education and is always there, so on Father’s Day I want to please him not only by renting a yacht, but to give him a symbolic gift, we want to help you a little with the choice, so below are links to some gifts that will fit perfectly under such a holiday and a yacht:
1. Black mug with yacht logo;
2. T-shirt with the inscription «Papa captain»;
3. Sailboat pendant;
4. Docking station, a gift for men;
5. Wooden clock specially for Dad

Gifts are an integral part of the holiday. Think about what exactly your dad likes and give him a gift on a luxury yacht, surrounded by relatives.

Catering on a yacht on Father's Day

Take care of food and drinks on the yacht in advance. Take into account your father’s preferences in food, order a company that specializes in the cuisine that your father prefers. In fact, there are several options for how to solve the issue of catering on Father’s Day.
1. Book a restaurant. You don’t have to think about which company to contact, how much money will be spent, whether they will cook delicious. There is reliability here, you can go to our destination article and view all restaurants, read reviews, get acquainted with prices and make a decision.
2. Order a catering company. Owners who often rent out their yacht have already encountered catering and can advise you which company is better to contact. You need reliable people who will not be late and will not let you down. In this matter, you need to be careful!
3. Buy food and drinks yourself. If we take into account the prices, then this will be the most profitable way. You will take into account your dad’s preferences, buy everything you need yourself. Please note! The owners are not allowed to take red wine with them on the yacht. It is difficult to wash it and it can greatly spoil the yacht’s interior.