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Graduation party boat

Are you celebrating graduating from college or high school? Is there a graduation party planned? Yacht rental is the best way to celebrate this holiday with friends! You will remember this day for the rest of your life!

Graduation can be marked with different options. After graduation party, graduates, as a rule, book a table, rent a hotel, rent a yacht, etc.

Why is graduation worth celebrating on a yacht?

If you are still thinking about where to celebrate graduation, then a yacht is a great option! The yacht is suitable for many holidays and parties: bachelorette party, birthday, anniversary and others.
We are a unique catalog, which presents various yachts from all cities of the USA, as well as the names and phone numbers of the owners. We do not charge a commission, you contact the owner directly and clarify all the points of interest to you.
There are various yachts: from small 20 feet to huge over 85 feet.

Discuss all the nuances with the owner of the yacht, discuss the possibility of a stewardess on board. This is important! Many may suggest mate, he is the captain’s mate, not yours. Therefore, find out if some owners have it included in the price of the yacht, some offer it for an additional cost. It will be more comfortable and convenient for you with a stewardess on the bor. She will make you cocktails, clean up, help you, become your friend for this charter.

On the yacht you can order delicious cuisine for your friends or book a restaurant and go there on a yacht.
Each owner gives you the opportunity to get scared, swim, dive, ride a jet ski and try out water toys. Each owner makes stops for an hour or 2 hours, depending on how many hours you have booked a charter.

It’s very unusual to celebrate graduation on a yacht. You can arrange an incredible photo shoot, admire the views, relax and swim with friends. You deserve this vacation, so nothing can spoil it.

Experience Privacy on a Party Boat

With a part boat rental, you get full control on who attends. There is no chance that an unwanted guests will show up and crash the party, since you create a guest list and no one gets to come on board without your permission. This makes the party completely private and completely in your control. You will get to feel like you and your party are the only one around as you navigate gorgeous waterways.

Yacht games at graduation party

During your yacht charter, you can think of some cool games that will help you get closer and have a better time. At the stop where you can swim, you can arrange a competition to see who will swim faster, and the prize will be a cocktail from the stewardess.
Also if you have a desire, you can attach 2 boats together and arrange a dance battle between people. 

By joining another boat, you have the opportunity to arrange various contests twice as much fun: who will drink faster, who knows whom better. There are various posters in Pinterest where the rules of the game are drawn. You can take care of this in advance, download the poster and prepare the details.

Decorator on a yacht at graduation party

Initially, before the charter, you can come up with a thematic fan. Let’s say the pirate theme. In it, decorate a yacht, pick up costumes, food, contests and more in the same style.
Themed parties create the atmosphere of the evening and help to immerse yourself in another time.

You can hire a decorator who will professionally design your yacht. Or you can do it yourself, order decorations on amazon. Know a few nuances! Before planning a themed evening, ask the owner what decorations you can decorate the yacht with. Not every owner will allow some decorations.
Also, you can ask the owner if he has the number of a verified decorator. In this case, you will not have to search for a decorator.