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What do you need to place your boat?

In order to place a yacht on our catalog, you need to be registered on the site. To do this, you need to follow the link https://dostavka-iz-kitaya.ru/login-page enter your username, email, and password.
In your personal account, you can already add a boat by clicking on the button on the right in the upper corner «add boat».
Data to be entered: boat code, feat, location, guests, owner’s name, model, owner’s phone number, email and website, if available (you can specify a social network). Add photos of the yacht and the cost for 4 hours.
Your boat will be published automatically, there are no checks by the administrator. Specify the working phone and email, if the client cannot reach you, we will suspend your yacht.
All responsibility to customers is borne directly by the owner. The client contacts you directly and books a charter already with you. The client can ask you for all documents (insurance, license and others), this is not required for our catalog.

Our catalog is gaining popularity every day. Now it is free for everyone. Adding, posting, registration is free! Have time to add your boat! If you can’t figure something out, there is no model of your yacht, there is no necessary location, you can always write to us in tech.support and you will contact you immediately and solve your problem. We want you to succeed and not have any problems. When adding a yacht, some information is required, and some is additional. You don’t have to add all the information. 

Boat rental power is a unique catalog that provides an opportunity to contact the owner and the client directly. We do not charge commissions, we do not increase the prices for charters. We do not ask for documents when adding a yacht. The client and the owner communicate directly.