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Birthday party boat rental

Do you have a birthday party coming up and are you thinking how to celebrate? There is a great way to rent a yacht and go with your friends and relatives to your party. There is a large selection of boats for you, where everyone can find something for themselves.
Different sizes, appointments, models, with and without a flybridge, for parties and business meetings, with a stewardess, with water toys, etc. The main thing is that your party is held at the highest level, and you don’t need anything.

How to choose a suitable boat for a birthday?

There are many yachts in our catalog, among which you will definitely find a suitable one for your birthday. There are small yachts of 40 ft, with a capacity of up to 8 people, there are huge 90 ft and more. The rental price directly depends on the size. What is worth paying attention to and how to choose a boat correctly?
1. Birthday is your party, so when choosing a yacht, check with the owner whether it is suitable for your holiday. Not every owner will provide his yacht for a party, because you will drink alcohol, dance, have fun. Many people worry about the design of their yacht, so first of all, specify, is this a boat for a party?
2. Is it possible to get on board with your alcohol and food? Someone does not allow from the owners, someone is only for you to have fun.
3. Is there any speakers on the yacht. This is a very important part. Without speakers, your party can be very boring.
4. Does the owner provide a stewardess. It is worth noting that mate and stewardess are completely different positions. Mate is the captain’s assistant, and the stewardess will always be with you, make you cocktails, clean up after you, look after the children and more. The stewardess is offered either for a fee, or she is included in the rental price.
These are the main points that you should pay attention to when choosing a boat for your birthday, so that your party goes great.

How can I spend time on a yacht on my birthday?

When booking a yacht for your birthday party, you need to think about exactly how you will celebrate your holiday. Usually, boat owners provide water toys to diversify your party, it can be: paddle board, water mattress, Underwater Scooter, jet ski and others.
Jet ski is provided for a fee, so in order to book it, contact the owner of the yacht for help. They know the numbers of those who rent jet skis and orient themselves by time.
For additional entertainment, you can order a DJ who will follow the music and customize it for you. Usually, there are DJ venues and zones on yachts. You can also prepare various games that are suitable for you and your friends.

Where can I go on a yacht on my birthday party?

Each owner provides his own route along which you can go on a trip on your birthday. This can be a route around the islands or sightseeing, and many people also book a place in a restaurant, where you are going. But there is always time for a stop on the route, where we can swim, swim, ride a jet ski and join other yachts, this is a must.
You can discuss your route with the owner and go to the place where you would like, if possible.

Water toys on a boat to a party

Water toys on the yacht will add color to your party. Each owner provides their own water toys, which are included in the yacht rental price or must be purchased for an additional fee. These can be the following water toys: paddle board, water mattress, jet ski, water scooter and others.
Thanks to water toys, you can get positive emotions from your birthday. Each owner includes in his itinerary a stop for a few hours, where you will have the opportunity to dive from the yacht, swim, swim. At this stop, you can team up with other yachts and arrange various games and contests with water toys. For many captains, this is a common practice, they know specially designated places where it is possible to combine yachts together.

Birthday party budget on a yacht in Miami

Many people get lost when organizing a birthday party and do not understand what the cost of the event can cost them. Don’t worry, the company «Boatrentalowner» will help you with this. The organization scheme was presented above, and now, for your convenience, we provide a breakdown of the budget.If you have 13 people and you book a yacht for 4 hours, the cost of your budget per person will be only $ 357.5.


  1. Yacht rental for one person is $ 196, since booking for 4 hours costs $ 2,550.
  2. Alcohol/food – $90 per person;
  3. Decorations, yacht decor – $ 30 per person
  4. Details for the contest – $ 30 per person;
  5. Jet ski rental — the cost of one jet ski is $ 150. If you order one, each guest must pay $11.5.

If you have 10 people on board and you book a yacht for 6 hours, the cost per person will be $ 480.


  1. Yacht rental for one person is $ 295, although you have 10 people, and the cost of 6 hours is $ 2950.
  2. Alcohol/food – $100 per person;
  3. Yacht decoration/decor – $ 40 per person;
  4. Details for the contest — $ 30 per person;
  5. Jet ski rental – When renting for 10 people, everyone has to pay $ 15.

If you have 12 people and you have booked a yacht for 8 hours, everyone will pay $442.5.


  1. Rent a yacht for one person – 270 dollars, if the total cost is 3250 dollars;
  2. Alcohol/food – $100 per person;
  3. Yacht decoration/decor – $ 30 per person;
  4. Details for the contest – $ 30 per person;
  5. Jet ski rental – 12.5 dollars per person.

Questions and answers

How do you make a boat party fun?

In order to make the party on the yacht fun, you need to call all your close friends. Take care of alcoholic beverages and food. Find out from the owner of the boat about water toys, book an additional jet ski. Go on an interesting route with a stop where you can join another boat and arrange contests. Prepare the games and props in advance.

How do you organize a boat party?

1. First of all, you need to decide where you will organize the party. It can be Miami Beach, The Bahamas and more. Depending on this, rental prices may vary.
2. Decide on the number of guests, taking into account the capacity of the boat.
3. Think about alcoholic beverages and food. You can order catering or buy everything yourself at the grocery store. If you have a flight attendant with you, she will help you prepare cocktails. If you have 13 people, then you will spend about $90 on catering.
4. Think over the games. Order the details for contests and games.
5. Decorator. Many arrange themed parties, for its organization, you need a decorator who will help decorate the yacht. $30.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a party in Miami?

How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a party in Miami?
A yacht rental in Miami starts at $1,500/day for 12 people. For a high-end luxury yacht charter, prices on average range between around $1,916/day and $19,707/day. The cost of renting a yacht depends on its size, capacity, charter date and time. Therefore, the prices for the yacht are completely different. You can find the pricing policy for yachts in Miami in our catalog.

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