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What to Tell Your Boating Guests

Boating is an exciting way to spend a wonderful time. When renting a boat, you must be convinced that safety rules will be observed on it. Be sure to inform all guests about how to behave on the yacht. Before the start of the charter, it is necessary to conduct an instruction on where the fire extinguisher lies, how to behave on the boat in case of an emergency, and more. It’s important to do this in a friendly manner and be ready and willing to answer any questions they may have.

Basic information that you need to convey to all guests

  • You need to tell them where you are going, approximate dates and what you may encounter on the way.
  • Your third instruction should concern how to move around the boat. Remember the rule that they must have two legs and at least one arm in constant contact with the boat. If you are in a smaller boat, they should be advised to stay low and closer to the center. Advise them to be especially careful in any places that become wet and slippery.
  • Guests should be reminded that hands and feet must remain inside the boat at all times. Inform them that debris in the water can cause serious injuries while driving and that body parts do not make good fenders.
  • Tell your guests how to operate the head, if it is on board.
  • Warn them to be careful when using utensils and other items, and that they should be protected when not in use.
  • The location and proper use of fire extinguishers can be reviewed.
    Show your guests the location of your first aid kit.
  • If you are engaged in any kind of outdoor activities on the water, such as water skiing or wakeboarding, take some time to explain the necessary procedures and signals.

In addition to providing information to your guests, you should get information from them, primarily concerning their own health and their ability to be safe on board.

As the owner, you should know if your guests have any illnesses and if they are currently taking any medications. Do they have these medications with them?
Find out if your guests have any physical limitations that may limit their activity and opportunities on board.
Finally, make sure that those on board will warn you at the first sign of seasickness. If your guest is seasick, you can read these seasickness tips to better prepare yourself to help him or her.
From casual observers to active participants, your guests require instructions and you should be aware of their physical condition. It depends on you that they have the knowledge necessary to ensure safety on board your boat so that everyone can ride with pleasure.

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