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Boat rental in Miami

Miami is the city where the best restaurants are located. A city where you can watch the views of the most famous islands, such as: Fisher Island, Star Island, Dodge island and others. There are huge berths with boats and yachts for every taste. We should definitely stay here with friends or family and enjoy all the beauties of this city.
Watch Miami from the water and see a lot of new things. Capture these events in your memory.

You can book for yourself any boat or yacht from our catalog. The owners provide their contacts for further communication. We do not make online reservations. All responsibility is borne by the owner directly. Therefore, choose the boat you like and contact the owner to book your charter. On the boat you can celebrate birthday party, bachelorette party, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, baby showers and other party boats. And also book a boat for a business meeting.

Boat rental in miami with captain

Enjoy driving a boat and cruising along the coast of Miami, be your own captain on self-rented boats for the whole day. Whether you live in Miami or come from another city, don’t miss the opportunity to drive a boat in Miami on your own. Almost any boat has the opportunity to go on a boat trip without a captain. To do this, there are certain rules that you must comply with, which the owner will request from you. This is a unique opportunity to go on a trip to Miami with your friends. Celebrate a birthday on a boat.

Choose any boat from our catalog, contact the owner and find out all the details. We make sure that you are comfortable. We want your day to be at its best. therefore, we provide only high-quality boats. We can verify this on our own.

Международные перевозки от "Московского таможенного представителя"
Москва, Пресненская набережная, 12


Owners name:
  • 8 (800) 551-31-99
  • Год образования компании: 2000
    Международные перевозки
    Москва, ЮВАО, Волгоградский пр., 42к36


    Owners name: Бералекс
  • +7(499)112-31-36
  • Год образования компании: 2011
    Международные перевозки от "Кендалл"
    Москва, Каширское шоссе 64, корпус 1


    Owners name: кендалл
  • +7 (499) 380-66-82
  • Год образования компании: 2000

    Boat rental miami half day

    You can book your charter for 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 hours. In boat rentals, 8 hours is a whole day. The most profitable option is to rent a boat for half a day, that is, for 4 hours. When renting a boat, the owners provide their own route, which includes an installation so that you can swim, swim, have a great time, and look at the beauty of Miami. So that you can spend your time in full, our clients advise you to rent a boat for 4 hours.
    Book the best yacht for yourself and your friends, think about catering, various contests and music. The owners provide water toys for you. In our catalog, each card shows the cost of a half-day charter. You can choose a boat that suits you both in terms of cost and other characteristics. 

    Question and answer

    How much is it to rent a yacht for a day in Miami?

    Miami motorboat rentals start at about $113/day and can cost up to $5,534/day. A sailboat rental in Miami costs between approximately $200/day and $1,423/day. Catamarans rentals are popular with big groups and cost on average about $1,700/day.

    How much does it cost to charter a boat in Miami?

    The cost to charter a yacht in Miami ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 plus. The cost of a yacht yacht in Miami varies depending on the boat size and the length of the charter. Prices typically range from less than $1,000 to $5,000 plus if you’re wanting to charter the yacht overnight

    What do you need to rent a boat in Miami?

    ID: You will need government-issued identification (driver’s license, no ID card, passport, etc.). A valid credit card: Whether you rent your boat online or offline, almost all owners require a credit card. The investment they make in their vessel is important, and they prefer a little more security when renting it.

    How much does it cost to rent a speedboat in Miami?

    Daily Speed Boat Adventures Starting at $89! The cost varies. You can look at the boat that suits you in our catalog and get acquainted with the cost.