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Mother's day on a yacht

Mother’s Day is a national holiday, the date of which — the second Sunday in May — was established by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.

On this day, everyone thanks their mothers, buys them flowers and sweets. There is a tradition to buy red flowers for a living mother, and white flowers for someone who is not alive. On such a day, I want to please and thank my mother as much as possible for all her efforts and upbringing. Therefore, there is a great option to go with her on an incredible yacht trip. By renting a yacht, you will give your mother such impressions that will be remembered for a long time. You will be able to admire the beautiful scenery, see other famous islands.

The yacht also celebrates holidays such as: bachelorette party, birthday party, anniversary, graduation, Labor Day and other party on the boat.

What can I do on a yacht on Mother's Day?

Going on a yacht on Mother’s Day, it is necessary to take care of catering. This is an important part of your journey. There are always restaurants nearby where you can book and order food in advance. Imagine, you drive up on a yacht, there are incredible views around and you are served by a waiter right on the yacht. Also, you can order catering services for the yacht itself. Chefs and experts in this business will cook your mother’s favorite dishes right on the yacht.
Owners how to properly provide a stewardess on a yacht. Either it is included in the price of the yacht, or it is offered for an additional fee. The stewardess will be your best friend during the charter. Her duties include: serving you, watching over your children, helping you with everything, prompting.

You can go with your mom to beautiful places. Book a restaurant, send on a tour. And if you have a charter in warm weather, so also during the day, you can book a jet ski and arrange an extreme vacation.

What to take with you on a yacht on Mother's Day?

Mother’s Day is a memorable day. I want everything to go perfectly. There were no problems and worries. The owners will take care of your mood and entertainment, and you do not forget to take these things with you on the yacht:

1. Warm or outerwear. If you book a charter in the evening, they think it might get chilly. It is better to take warm clothes with you. It is not always possible to guess the weather, if it is windy outside, it is better to take outerwear with you.

2. Prepare drinks and food. If you do not use catering and do not book a table in a restaurant, you can take food and drinks with you. Think about it in advance. This is an important part of your holiday and it should not be missed.

3. Take comfortable shoes with you. It can be slippery on the yacht, if you plan to swim, then you need to take rubber slippers with you. It’s better not to wear heels. Give preference to comfortable and non-slip shoes.

4. If your charter falls during the daytime and the weather promises to be hot. take sunglasses and cream with you.

How many guests can you invite to the yacht?

The first question that worries is how many guests can be invited to the yacht for an engagement? It depends on the size of the yacht and the laws of the states. In Florida, there is a law according to which no more than 13 people can be on a luxury yacht, given that its length is at least 55 feet. Especially for you, there is a column in the catalog where the owners indicate how many people can be invited to their yacht, so when choosing a yacht for mother’s Day, pay attention to this.
There are huge boats that can accommodate more than 30 people, there are small ones with a capacity of 8 people. This is a very important point when planning your party, pay attention to it.
We want your holiday to be held at the highest level.