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Thanksgiving on a yacht

Thanksgiving is an important holiday that has been celebrated for many years. This is the day when the whole family reunites, in order to thank each other and treat themselves to various treats. Thanksgiving is a truly family holiday that takes place in a cozy atmosphere, next to your family. Why don’t you move away from the tradition when it is customary to celebrate with the oldest in the family and go on a cruise on a luxury yacht? Do you want to thank your family? Book a yacht, enjoy the incredible scenery, taste the most delicious turkey cooked right on the yacht!

The yacht celebrates such holidays as: bachelorette party, birthday, anniversary, Labor Day, graduation and others. This is a wonderful way to please your loved ones

What to consider on a yacht?

If you are going to Thanksgiving with your family on a yacht, consider a few points:

1. Order meals in advance from trusted people or order food at one of the famous restaurants. Take catering seriously, because it is an important part of your holiday. It is customary to cook a turkey on Thanksgiving, so you should take care of this in advance. Also, find a trusted company that will not let you down and will be late for the charter, because you will lose your hours and money.

2. Be sure to bring warm clothes with you. If you book a yacht for the evening, it may get chilly, take care of it. The weather is the main factor in the charter, sometimes it is even canceled due to bad weather. It may be cold or a strong wind. And if you go in the evening, then you should take warmer clothes with you.

3. Think about games for the whole family. Buy all the necessary decorations in advance. Going on a yacht on Thanksgiving day, you need to think about what you will have fun with. It can be family contests, various games. For all this it is necessary to prepare attributes, they can be ordered on Amazon.

4. Decorate the yacht on this holiday, using the colors of autumn to create a cozy and festive atmosphere. You can hire a decorator or decorate the yacht yourself to give a festive atmosphere. Keep in mind that if you are going to apply for the services of a decorator, warn the owner of the yacht about it so that he will allocate you half an hour of time for this. On weekends, charters can be very tight and you will not have time to decorate the yacht. Discuss this point at the boat booking stage.

5. Be sure to bring a good mood and a festive mood with you!

Thanksgiving Gifts

The most common gifts on Thanksgiving are baskets of products with natural ingredients. This way you will honor the traditions of this holiday. After all, this holiday symbolizes the harvest and treats. Also, as a sign of gratitude, you can take into account the wishes of your relatives and give them what they wanted so much. Or a commemorative pendant about you. The largest online store will help you find gifts: amazon.com.

Additional expenses on the yacht on Thanksgiving day

When booking a yacht for an Thanksgiving day, it is necessary to take into account additional expenses there may be required. We will help you with this and calculate.
1. Yacht rental. It depends on the size of the yacht, the date and other factors. The price can vary from $500 to $3000 for 4 hours.
2. Catering. It depends on what exactly you prefer, what kind of alcohol you will drink. On average, if you count on 13 people, then $90 per person.
3. Decorator. It depends on the degree of professionalism of the decorator, on average, $ 30 per person. If you count on 13 people.