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Miami bachelor party ideas

​In most cases, a bachelor party is celebrated on a large scale in the United States, it is not limited to gatherings with friends over a cup of tea. As a rule, this is a trip abroad, or out of town.

The friends of the future groom are responsible for organizing the bachelor party, and a hen party is also arranged. Only the wishes of the groom are taken into account. Sometimes a bachelor party is paid for by parents, allocating a certain amount to their son’s friends to prepare for the last bachelor night. This approach is not uncommon in Europe and the United States.

There are various destinations and places where you can go for a bachelor party. In the United States, it is customary to go to another country or city for a couple of days and throw a party on a grand scale. People from all cities of the USA go to celebrate a bachelor party in Miami on a yacht, because you can go on a cruise on it and see the incredible landscapes of Miami Beach, Star Island, amazing mansions, cruise liners and the charming silhouette of downtown Miami. Take a look at Miami while swimming around the bay. You can also book restaurants such as Kiki on the River or Seaspace Brasserie & Lounge and go on our yacht to the restaurant!
The future groom, going with friends, can ride a jet ski and catering, arrange an alcoholic party on the deck and much more. The yacht is rented both day and night, the captain of the vessel and the service staff are selected for you, who will not let you get bored during the trip.

The yacht also celebrates such holidays as: bachelorette party, birthday party, anniversary party, graduation party, mother’s Day, Labor Day and any party on the boat.

What to do on a yacht on a bachelor party?

When renting a yacht, you need to think in advance about what you will do. The owners provide water toys that you can use when stopping the yacht. During a stag or hen party, many ask the captain to join them to another boat, where a large company can play, arrange contests and have a cool party.
You can come up with different games, buy attributes for contests. Be sure to think about catering and think over the menu. Order alcohol, dishes.
Many people like to hold themed parties. To do this, you need to: hire a decorator or buy a yacht decor yourself (ask the owner what kind of decorations you can bring to the yacht. Many may not allow it, so as not to spoil the yacht). There is also a nuance about the decorator, he needs time to decorate. Check with the owner if there is half an hour to arrange a boat for your bachelor party.
Find a catering company that won’t let you down. If they are late, you lose the charter time. The captain will wait, but the charter time will already go.

FAQ about a yacht for a bachelor party

When can I rent a yacht in Miami for a bachelor party?
A large number of yachts are presented in our catalog, the owners’ numbers, their mail and name are indicated everywhere. You contact directly. Next, you are already discussing with the owner all the nuances of your boy.

How are things going with renting a yacht in Miami during the coronavirus?
A yacht is the best option for a bachelor party during the coronavirus. According to the law, there can be no more than 13 people on it, which allows you not to gather a crowd of people. There are practically no restrictions in the form of social distance. The yacht is ideal for celebrating a bachelor party in a narrow circle of friends.

Can I decorate the yacht as I wish?
The boat can be decorated as you like, while observing that it is not spoiled by decorations.

What is the best way to dress for a yacht trip?
It is worth dressing so that you are comfortable and comfortable. If you are going on a cruise in the evening, it is better to take outerwear, the wind may blow.

What should I take with me on the yacht?
If you go during the day, do not forget to bring sunglasses and cream. If you plan to swim, bring bathing suits, as well as hats and comfortable shoes in the form of slippers.

Can I take soft drinks and food with me?
Yes, you can take any drinks with you, whether non-alcoholic or alcoholic, as well as food.

How many guests can I invite to the yacht?

According to the law of Florida, regardless of the size of the yacht, it is allowed to accommodate 13 people. There are yachts that allow you to accommodate more, but they do not correspond to the luxury class, you will have to stand or sit, they belong to the excursion. Yachts that can accommodate more than 13 people in Florida are subject to such strict rules that it is structurally impossible to remake it, it will no longer be a luxury. Therefore, it does not matter what size the yacht is, even if it is 125 fit, you can accommodate a maximum of 13 people and the same number of guests can be accommodated on 25 fit. Therefore, when choosing a yacht, it is necessary to take into account not its size, but the internal condition: the old or new interior.

Other states have their own laws, so we have simplified the task especially for you and each boat has a maximum number of guests. When choosing a yacht, pay attention to this.

We want your bachelor party to be held at the highest level, so we are doing everything possible for this. Then you can discuss all the nuances and moments with the owner of the yacht.

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