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Rent yacht Chicago and Los Angeles

Are you planning your vacation? Book a yacht for your event and you will be satisfied. We offer a large selection of different yachts in Chicago and Los Angeles. We are sure that you will choose the best option for yourself. We book yachts for the following events: bachelorette party, Birthday party, Anniversary, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Baby Showers, Graduation party, Party boat and more.

Charter yacht Chicago

Charters in Chicago are popular. The owners provide a route that includes a stop for 2 hours. Where you can swim, use water toys, join another yacht and arrange various contests and games. Spend time with the closest people. The owner and the captain will help you with the organization and prompt you with catering and decor. We are for your holiday to be great! Therefore, we will give you some tips that will help you in organizing the holiday:

  1. Take care of catering in advance. You can order a special company that will provide your favorite food directly to the yacht. Take into account the fact that they may be late and in this case, your charter will be delayed and you will lose time and money. Choose only proven people who will not let you down. You can purchase the products yourself. Thus, you will get what you love, do not linger and save money. Basically, all of our clients do this. Before buying alcoholic beverages, check with the owner with what drinks you can take on the yacht.
  2. Many arrange themed parties. This gives a special atmosphere to the holiday and charges you with positive emotions. In order to implement a themed party, a decorator comes to your aid. The first thing you need to do is to check with the owner of the yacht whether it is possible to decorate the yacht and what exactly. Also check by time whether the owner will be able to allocate you half an hour to decorate the yacht. It happens that charters follow each other and you just don’t have enough time to decorate the yacht.

Charter yacht los Angeles

Incredible charters to Los Angeles will give you pleasure. Book a charter for your event with us! The owners will provide you with the best boats, which include some services, such as: water toys, ice and water, captain, route, champagne and more. Each owner has an individual approach and check all the details before booking. Is it possible to go to the yacht with your drinks and food, is it possible to install a DJ platform, is it possible to decorate the yacht, is it possible to offer your route and more. We are sure that you will find your boat and get only positive emotions.

Take your friends and family with you, take your children with you. Explore Los Angeles from the water. We want your event to be held in the best possible way and we will try to do a lot for this. In order to book a charter, you need to contact the owner directly. We do not charge interest, but only provide boats and contacts of the owners. Be sure to ask them for a license and insurance — this is your guarantee during the charter.